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Tight squeeze

CREATED Aug 1, 2013

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I wasn't sure at what point in your pregnancy you're supposed to buy maternity clothes, but I figured it out.  When your pants don't button anymore! 

People always advise not to spend too much money on maternity clothes, but that's difficult considering how much maternity clothes cost.  I ventured out to the stores with my mom, who lovingly guided me through the process and taught me the ins and outs of maternity wear.  I was pleasantly surprised to find maternity pants are pretty comfortable.  Anything with a big stretchy band gets a thumbs up in my book.

I also have a wonderful friend who just had her first baby and she sent me maternity clothes.  Such a sweet gesture and I'm so thankful. Maternity clothes, especially ones for work, can be so expensive and I need to start saving for motherhood.  The next 18 years aren't going to be cheap.