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Oh, boy!

CREATED Aug 1, 2013

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  • IntelliGender claims it can predict whether you're carrying a girl or a boy

IntelliGender claims to predict, as early as 10 weeks, whether you're carrying a girl or a boy by mixing your urine with "chemicals." 

I hadn't heard about the test until it was brought up for April Madison to test it in her "Does it Work?" segment.  She found the test for about $40 at the drugstore.  A few people at KGUN had used the IntelliGender when they were pregnant.  Some say the results were accurate others say it wasn't.  Sounds like a 50/50 chance.

Although skeptical, I decided to give it a try. There is a color bar to help decipher your results.  Shades of yellow and orange mean you’re having a girl and shades of green mean you’re carrying a boy.  My results were nearly black, so according to IntelliGender I'm having a boy!

Along with tests like IntelliGender there are thousands of Old Wives' Tales on predicting gender.  If a woman carries the baby low it is a boy, if she craves sweets she's having a girl and it is a boy if she prefers to sleep on her left side. 

I've read a few dozen wives' tales over the last few weeks and one will say I'm having a boy and the other will say girl. I compiled a list of these wives' tales for a work assignment and although it was close, I answered more predicting a boy!

Looking forward to finding out if the wives' tales and IntelliGender are accurate for me.