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Baby fair time!

CREATED Aug 12, 2013

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  • Baby Fair 2012 with MIX FM's Marty Bishop, Leslie Lois, and Greg Curtis

  • Sporting the baby bump with Big Al our Traffic Pal at this year's baby fair Image by Ken Carr

The annual MIX FM Baby Fair is always a great time.  There is sure to be lots of cute babies, fun games and free stuff.  Last year, I had a great time, but spent most of the day under or near the MIX FM/KGUN booth.  

This year, the event was a little different for me.  I went to nearly all the booths to gather as much information as possible.  I met some great people and got some very useful information, especially for first-time parents.

One of the highlights was the Daddy Diaper Olympics.  I wish I would have snapped a couple pics to share, because it was hilarious.  Three men competed to see who could change a baby doll’s diaper the quickest.  They also had to unbuckle the baby from the stroller, undress the child, and make a basket with the dirty diaper.  Hopefully, my husband took away a few tips from that one.

The Diaper Derby is another great one.  A row of little ones crawl across the stage and the first one to make it to the other side wins.  This competition takes a while, because often the baby in the lead will stop halfway across the stage or turn around right before making it past the finish line.

Next year’s baby fair will certainly be another new experience.  I’ll get to bring my baby boy and maybe he’ll even be able to compete in the Diaper Derby.  I’m looking forward to it already.

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