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Greg Gurulé

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“I love telling people’s stories, finding out what’s important in their lives and sharing it with others who often have the same concerns and experiences.”

Did you know?

Greg gets his greatest enjoyment from getting out and meeting newsmakers and talking with people about the critical items that affect their lives. He also likes hearing about things that make people happy and sharing that joy with others.

KGUN’s new Good Morning Tucson co-anchor, Greg Gurulé is a long-time anchor and reporter in the West and Southwest with a history of digging for answers. Gurulé worked as a Consumer Reporter and Advocate, which dovetails directly with KGUN-9 On Your Side’s mission of giving a voice to viewers who want to be heard by people in authority. “Holding leaders responsible for what they do or fail to do is important to building out community.

Gurulé and his wife Nadine are the parents of 8-year-old twins, a girl and a boy. “My daughter is about 30 seconds older, and always reminds my son who the oldest is,” said Gurulé “she’s the boss.” Greg thinks of them as he goes about his work every day, “what’s important to their lives and their futures are the same things that affect the lives of every child and parent in this valley. I try to remember that as I approach every story I work on.”

Greg is looking forward to getting out with his family and exploring the Arizona countryside. “Arizona and New Mexico have a lot in common in terms of culture and scenic beauty, and I think we’re going to enjoy it here in Tucson,” he said.

Gurulé is a graduate of Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, New Mexico. He has worked in radio and TV in Portales, Albuquerque, Denver, Colorado and San Francisco, California as well as in Phoenix and Tucson. He’s done a little bit of everything in the newsroom, from Photographer-Reporter to producing newscasts and assigning stories to reporters. “I even ran the film processor back in the days when we shot film for newscasts,” said Greg, “that was a mess!”

Along with being a Consumer Reporter, Gurulé also was a General Assignments and Investigative Reporter, a Weatherman and even shot and reported on Sports for several years during his Broadcast Career. He feels it has given him a well rounded view of what is important to Viewers.

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