Tucson's newest red light camera to be at 6th & Ajo

CREATED Jul 27, 2011 - UPDATED: Jul 27, 2011

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Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Attention drivers!
Soon you'll have another photo opp---and an opportunity for another ticket.
The city of Tucson has chosen its spot for red light camera number eight. 

Tucson's first red light camera started clicking out tickets at Tanque Verde and Grant on October 2007---almost four years and seven intersections later the most recent robo-cams went on line at Broadway and Craycroft last February.

Now, KGUN9 On Your Side has learned the latest installation will be at Ajo and 6th---probably in early October.

Ajo and 6th is a busy and sometimes a dangerous place. 

There's plenty of car and truck traffic and plenty of foot traffic too.

After nine years at the store on the corner Dawna Bool says what she's seen out her window makes a pretty good case for a camera there.

"There was an accident just the other day where somebody, it looked like they were turning and the other one ran the light---smashed them."

Once the light comes on line, red light runners will be able to watch themselves on a website and decide if they want to challenge the ticket in court.

Existing cameras have treated about 31 thousand drivers to that experience so far. 
Tucson Police say they choose camera locations based on traffic volume and accident history.

Cesar Lopez is not happy to hear cameras are scheduled for his neighborhood.

"I'm not a big supporter of red light cameras.  I think we have enough cameras out on the street already and so I don't support them; and I live here in the neighborhood and it's gonna be another thing to worry about."

But Gustavo Ortega favors red light cameras.

"I think it would be a very good idea because of the fact that we have all these pedestrians walking around here, especially at nighttime that it's kind of rare that accidents happen but it's safety first, especially those that are handicapped that are in wheelchairs that can't walk out there.  It's better safe than sorry."

With red light cameras there's always the argument over whether the city installs them for safety or as a money raiser.
When KGUN9 has challenged the city on that point in the past the city's produced figures that show it actually comes out a little behind on revenue.  But here's who does rake in a lot of cash from the program: the state, and the contractor that installs and operates the systems.