McD's unveils healthier Happy Meals

CREATED Jul 26, 2011

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Web Producer: David Rush

NEW YORK (AP) - They're already happy. McDonald's wants to make sure they're also healthy. The world's largest burger chain is changing its Happy Meals.

The first step, adding apple slices to all of its Happy Meals. McDonald's also pledged to reduce
sugars, saturated fats and calories, and it said it will launch a new mobile phone app focused on nutrition information.

McDonald's' U.S. president will also talk to parents and nutrition experts in August about how the restaurant can further promote healthy lifestyle choices.

It's not the first time the mighty burger chain has tried to go healthy. McDonald's recently introduced oatmeal and smoothies to its menu. It said the new effort is a direct response to what customers have been asking for. Officials point out it is not a result of  impending regulations that will monitor how restaurants market food to children.