FBI does not suspect terrorism in home chemical stockpile

CREATED Jul 14, 2011

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Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The FBI says it does not suspect terrorism as the motive for a stockpile of potentially explosive chemicals in a midtown Tucson home.   
The home is on Adams near Tucson Boulevard.

As of Wednesday night those chemicals were being taken away.

By early evening Tucson Fire Fighters were filling hoses just in case they were needed while hazardous material specialists removed the chemicals.
The TPD Bomb Squad, and Tucson Firefighters brought in FBI chemists and evidence specialists to help them figure out what was what in a collection of unmarked chemicals in this house.

Police had already determined some of the chemicals might be fairly safe by themselves, but dangerous when mixed.

They were dangerous enough to send the man in the house to a Phoenix burn unit with life threatening injuries. That happened Monday.

We wanted to hear from the FBI how dangerous the man might have been.  KGUN 9 reporter Craig Smith asked FBI spokesman, Agent Manuel Johnson: "The average person could wonder whether this person is a terrorist to someone who made a very poor choice of a hobby. Is there any picture emerging as to what he was up to?"

Agent Manuel Johnson: "At this time we do not believe there is any terrorist nexus in this situation. The FBI is assisting the Tucson Police department in their investigation and at this time I would defer to Tucson Police Department in regard to their investigation."

TPD Sgt. Diana Lopez says their investigation needs more time before they can say if they'll file any charges.

"We won't even get to that part of the investigation until we know what chemicals we have.  We can't conduct an interview without knowing what we're going to be asking the person who was inside.  So we need to know what chemicals we're looking at and what possibly was inside the home before we would even go there."